Could you please also attach the presentation pdf ? 

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Hi. The PTP 550 Spec Sheet is at https://www.cambiumnetworks.com/resource/ptp-550/ 

Hi Ray.  What voltage range is it?  I see the AC power input specs, but not the DC power output?


A bit confused. So are you saying that cambium is FINALLY going to enable 80Mhz for PTMP with the ePMP 3000 and force 300? I'm literally about a month or so away from expanding to a new state and looking towards going Micropops all over the place. If so I'd like to be considered to test this early and provide feedback. It would be cool to use Cambium for this sort of deployment.


The 3000 and 300 will support 80 from what I’ve understood from the webinars. The epmp 3000 won’t be avaliable till Q2 2018.

I see. That's a bummer. I'd definitely like to test that system out and not deploy other manufacturer's gear just to forklift over to cambium after 6 months.

Just the 2000 and 200, you can get 200 mbps from that stuff max and the 200 cpes will connect to 3000 APs when they are out.

200 in the download direction or just aggregate?

I have Force 200 and 2000 AP but long distance.

The distance won’t change and you said micro pops i thought ?

200 agro. The 3000 is a 4x4 AP so you’ll see a double capacity increase just by swapping APs once they are out. You will be able to run 200s as a cpe to the 3000.

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I currently have a WISP in California with long range links. I am going to do another WISP down in Arizona in a micropop scenario. I'm aware of the speeds for long distances but not so much for these short fiber fed micropops. I need a peak speed in the download direction of around 200 Mbps. 

Hey Ray, I already posted the spec sheet for the PTP550... what I and other people are asking for is the spec sheet for the ePMP Force 300. Thanks!

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Ahh. OK. That one is coming soon.


Please confirm list price for the PTP550, is this (650USD) for a complete link already?

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Hi Gerry,

MSRP for PTP 550 Connectorized Kit is $649 which include 1 Radio , 1 Mounting Bracket , 1 AC Power and Line Cord(Optional depending on SKU's)



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