WISPs offering MSP services

Based on results from the 2020 WISP survey, it looks like 25% of WISPs are offering Managed Services. If you are one of them, what is one piece of advice you would give to other WISPs who are looking to extend their offerings to include managed services?

Have clear and concise demarcation of what is included in the MSP package. Ensure your techs know these demarcation points too.

Pay for a good MSP system, good quality with consistent updates is important. Yes you can roll your own, but in the end you will spend more time and money on it than is economical plus you then have to support two systems for the package: your system and theirs!

Dont try to undercut your competitors. Negotiate a rate but dont sell yourself short. 100hrs/month of onsite support can be eaten up very quickly and being underpaid on a contract means you cant go above and beyond to help them, of which this one ideal will help you keep your contracts over competitors.

If you are providing hardware as part of the contract, clearly mark it with your tech support contact info and the unit id.

Cover over reset/recovery buttons and case covers with a thin cellophane tamper seal. Save yourself and your technicians an arguement on devices that are tampered with.