With newly installed XV2-22H devices, users some of devices cant able to connect it

we recently installed around 400 XV2-22H APs to client site, and found out that some of residents can connect their laptop and mobile with WIFI, but when they try to connect their 3rd device, it is not able to connect it.
FYI - Resident network is authenticated via AD located on same site.
Is there any policies, which it wont allow users to connect multiple devices with same network?
To resolve issue. After i factory reset AP, deleted from Cnmaestro, then adding it again & re-configure it and suddenly all of residents devices can able to connect with network.

Last time factory reset is best solution for WiFi6 products from Cambium :wink:

There is no such configuration that will prevent multiple clients from connecting to the AP. Please send tech-support logs if you face the same problem once again.(Email id: niraj.mahapatra@cambiumnetworks.com)

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