WLAN security profile issue

Hi, I get the follow message: wlan1_security:specified parameter not in supported list of values when moving this particular AP to a specified group. I’m wanting to utilize ePSK but this is the first issue I’m running into.

I have a cnPilot e430H with version: 4.2.1-r12 and my security auth is set to “user pre shared keys” .

I then upgraded to 6.4-r5, and set the security auth to u-psk, but now when trying to connect to the SSID with the generated ePSK, it doesn’t connect.

Any ideas

Maybe it is problem with enabled WPA3 ?
Remeber that 430H support only WPA2 :slight_smile:

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Security mode should be WPA2_PSK.

Please use 4.2.2 release build.

For more details on feature, please refer: ePSK - Multiple Pre-Shared Keys