We have a new link we are going to put up very soon. Guessing we will be going into an area with a lot of interference. The link will be about 7.5 miles long. What is better for us to use for a PtP link using F425 radios, WLR or ePTP?

Use ePTP. It’s optimized for PtP use and has several modes to choose from like balanced, low latency or high throughput. WLR mode is for PtMP. There’s also TDD mode in beta right now that can be used if you have links greater then 30km.


Thank you very much for the insight!! very much appreciated

Jonathan, my 2cents : I would use F400 plus external antennas. Integrated 25dBi antenna has “unnecessarily wide” signal beam, which will cause more interference than “tighter” stronger antennas such as 32-35dBi models plus more interference will be absorbed from surrounding environment due to the same physics.

If you are going to respect your local EIRP limits, just kick down TX Power on radio to stay in compliance with stronger antennas. Make sure you will be allowed to mount stronger (3ft 32dBi) antennas on your location due to tower wind loading and other owner’s administrative permissions / procedures.

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Good advice for sure. In this case I am working with already purchased equipment, but I am liking the idea of using the other radios in future links. Thank you for the 2 Cents :slight_smile: