Worth to upgrade Epmp 2000 to Epmp 3000?

Hello , We have Epmp 2000 with 30 client , 25 is elevate xm who working on 12mcs ,5 is force 180-200 working on 15 mcs . When at base throughput was 120mb/s at 40mhz frame time use 94-100% . Using 80 mhz is impossible

In case you are planning to provide higher speed to your customers and you have the opportunity to add new F300s SMs and replace older SMs to F300s, then you can double your sector capacity due to MU-MIMO.

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In your instance there would be no real improvement until you started deployment of F300 SMs. At that point you would be able to us mu-mimo like Fedor said and gain a little by having two SMs in a sector being serviced at once. Other than that, there is no compelling gain.

One thing to note is your frame usage is high, it may be settings or retransmissions. With 30 SMs unless your letting them run without qos you shouldnt see more than 50% frame usage on a 40mhz channel

How Epmp 3000 will work and mixed mode ?
And channel effect to MU-MIMO.
Client without qos

The e3k has an AC chipset so it can handle dual AC links at once, but the e2k has an N chipset and can not.
There is no effect on the channel but you can have higher total throughput at the AP with an e3k if you have f300 SMs deployed. This will not improve or allow higher throughput for the client.

Qos is how you prioritize packets (give rtp and voip priority) and limit your clients, if you have 30 clients at 300Mbps then your latency will be through the roof and you are missing out on tiered revenue.

The e3k does not care about elevated SMs as it thinks they are f180 or equivalent SMs. No improvements and you cant elevate the ubnt AC gear either.

We usually replace SMs to F300 at our expense for users that pay for at least medium package and transfer lots of data (>180GB/week). This way we’re basically giving client 10 month pay worth of equipment, but with every replaced SM you’re increasing throughput peaks on AP from 140Mbps for N to 200+ which is AC territory. We dedicate 5 SMs a month for this free-upgrade for our selected clients and consider this as our operational expense…

Keep in mind that ePMP3000 not only gives you MU-MIMO but also higher modulations and other AC features. This not only improves service for customers you replace SMs to, but also frees up some airtime for legacy 11N clients.

For other ePMP3000 advantages - 4x4 antenna which (correct me if I’m wrong) gives you little improvement for uplink traffic due to antenna diversity and most importantly - second radio to do background SA (even though Cambiums implementation of SA is not so great, but better than nothing).

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Will MU-MIMO start working with just the F300 SMs while there are still old radios connected, or do all of the connected radios need to be (ac) before MU-MIMO works at all?

Mu-mimo will work only on the f300 radios, however only if those two radios that are transmitting are both f300. If one is a f100/200 series then there will be no mu-mimo.

Also two f300 radios that are close to each other will not do mu-mimo. The AP is basically two separate APs in one that are linked in scheduling and frequency. The antenna is actually two smaller sectors that overlap a bit (antenna depending and the overlap can be 75% down to 10%, not all manufacturers will specify this).
If two SMs are able to talk to differing AP fields then it will work, but if both can only talk to the same one then it wont. As the AP learns the placements of the SMs then it will schedule to make mu-mimo misses uncommon, but only if there is enough of the correct radio type available and dispersed enough.