WPA3 Frequently Asked Questions

What is WPA3?

WPA3 is a Wi-Fi industry standard shepherded by the Wi-Fi Alliance. It is designed to be a successor to WPA2, with enhancements to both security and onboarding techniques in use.

WPA3 covers a set of new Wi-Fi security capabilities that:

  • Provide good security even if users pick weak WPA2-Personal passwords.
  • Suppots an aitional strong encryption method over what WPA2 has today. This is expected to be used primarily for government and financial type of networks.
  • With Easyconnect simplify¬†security settings for devices with limited or no display interfaces such as IOT devices, Webcams etc.¬†

Is WPA2 still secure?

Yes WPA2 still provides reliability security. We recommend standard security best practices such as strong, complex passwords, and the use of WPA2-Enterprise over WPA2-Pre-shared Keys wherever possible. WPA3 adds on to WPA2 in terms of usability, security and ease of deployment.

Will WPA3 replace WPA2?

Over the long term, but it is expected to be a slow phase-in, with over 12-18 months before it is common-place on clients as well as Access Points.

Is WPA3 backwards compatible with WPA2?

Yes, a WPA3 network will support WPA2 devices as well.