WPS soft button on E400 wifi

Hi Kiran,

Yes I believe there is a case for adding a soft WPS button to the E400

The scenario is that WPS is the only security method provided by the
manufacturer Mitsubishi for remote control of the heatpump and this is
apparently the case for other manufacturers as well. The E400 is set up
with multiple profiles so that when the owners are in residence full
speed internet capability is available but when casual renters are in
residence a different profile is in use which has deliberate limitations
on speed. If a WPS router is used with a button for access the renters
are going to use this instead with no limit on internet use. So WPS is
not a satisfactory security method where the rentee has physical access
to the router. If soft button access was enabled I could remote into the
E400 and provide access for approved devices without security
compromise. The customer is threatening to take business away but I
don't want to end up in court over massive internet overuse and cost.
The case with other internet providers is that they don't care about
security and some are foolish enough to offer unlimited internet plans
which is already browning out networks.



I am fairly sure the cnPilot R Series occupies the niche you describe and might be able to take over modem duties too.  Check them out.

consider this. E410 works very well on our network which has 70 000 customers. Printers that only have wps as an option to connect cannot be used. I cannont recomend the e410 if it does not have a wps softswitch

Kind regards