I have two customers who have X-boxes they are trying to get working on the X-box live service over our canopy network. In both cases they can link up to the login server but when they attmept to get to the game servers it fails. I have not actually tried one of the devices myself, I am only going by what my customers tell me. Has anyone else had any luck with an X-box?

They need to manually type in their DMZ address I believe. Which of course, you would need to enable that. THe xbox allows you to manually configure it if i remember correctly.

Although, when I lived in my college town, I was on 2.4 and it linked up just fine.

LEt me know what happens.

We have had quite a few people validate that xbox works fine over Canopy. Are you using NAT or any filtering?

I turned off all NAT in the canopy, however I did have filtering enabled for SMB. I then gave them a public static routeable address that they could put in their X-box and still no luck at getting it to work, same dilema.

Hello, I attempted to register a couple months ago, and it was just validated.

I am on a Canopy system and am experiencing a problem connecting to Xbox Live.

I can connect to the login servers, browse through the “Marketplace” and send and receive messages. However, I cannot play games with anyone.

I live in Livingston, Texas and my provider is East Texas DSL. They have NAT turned on for the canopy and say they don’t know how to provide a routed public IP address in the canopy.

In an early attempt to “solve” my problem, I turned off NAT in my radio. This effectively bricked the unit and I was unable to log back in to turn it back on. A phone call to, and visit from, a technician and I was back online. However, there is now a password on the radio, so I am unable to login and check settings.

My ISP has expressed interest in working to solve this problem. Where should we start? It’s frustrating to have paid for a service that I can’t use (subscribed before moving here.) And this is my only affordable highspeed option (40$ for 384/128 vs 100$ for equivalent DSL.)

We have several customers with XBOX,

There may be another way for xbox to work, but this is what we do. Disable the nat, issue a public ip address for the customers router or xbox if they don’t have a computer.

We do use the filters these are the one’s Jerry suggested so I leave them checked has not been an issue. PPoE,SMB,BootP Server, BootP Client, IPv4 Multicast and All Others.

we havnt had any problems with xbox live

my set up is…

dhcp public IP to customers router

modems do not have nat enabled

the following are filtered
bootp server

If a customer doesnt have a router we enable nat…im not sure how many xboxs have tried to play through nat though…


I have been told that they do not have the ability to provide a public IP address in the Canopy system. They also run a 2 ghz wireless network, but I don’t believe it’s Canopy. Due to my location (in pine trees) I have to have a 900 mhz radio.

This is extremely frustrating. I’ve called numerous times to get this issue resolved. I would switch providers, but the only other provider here is the local telephone company. They want 70$ a month for 384/128 DSL.

As far as an XBox and NAT: You can use NAT, but must forward the appropriate ports. Otherwise, you can only connect to the service and not actually join game servers. An attempt was made at forwarding the ports to my radio, but that still didn’t solve the problem (if in fact they did forward them.) I have a router and have quite a bit of experience configuring this setup on my end.

No Public Ip address…No Workie!!

thats a shame that your provider does not provide public IP’s for their subscribers.

I personally wouldnt subscribe to a network that didn’t have public IP and Static IP options.

good luck

I’ll test our setup here with XBox today.

Configured as so:

Public Private (if that makes sense to you guys! (for our monitoring)
Public IP Address assigned to each radio (static)

I don’t believe I’ll have issues as I have one customer to my knowledge who told me they use XBox Live and I have not heard a word of trouble from them since their setup this past October.

Today I setup our first customer that uses an XBox online with no luck. The 900 SM has Nat disabled, all filters off, and a public ip given to his router. Can anyone help me out and point me in the right direction so I can learn how to solve this issue? I am sure I will run into it again sometime soon and it will be nice to know how to set it up. Thank you.

If your BB company has you NAT’d and they are unwilling to Disable that feature then what you can do is

1: buy a switch (4 port will be plenty)
- If you are wireless what you can do is buy a wireless router and disable the DHCP feature on this router and use it as a WAP ( by plugging in the canopy and other router/PC into this routers switch side and connecting to the wireless end VIA the XBOX)
note: the wan port on the first router will have nothing plugged into it and the DHCP funcition MUST be disabled!!!

2: plug you canopy connection, xbox connection, and router into this switch

3: assign your xbox a static ip outside of the DHCP range the Module is handing out - a call to your provider may be neccesary to determine the range the module is set at, also the IP scheme the module is handing out (by default this is a 169.254.1.x with a gateway of )
(default settings in the canopy equipment is as follows -
a- ip address -
b- DHCP range - -
c- subnet - standard class C (
d- SO assigning an IP of will work

4: Log into your canopy module and under the advanced network configuration you can assign an IP to the DMZ (canopy equipment tends to flip out if the DMZ ip is inside of the DHCP range) - save and reboot module

If your provider assigns your canopy equipment a public IP address then you will have success