XC and WA hardware

Hi  all! Is there a plan for this hardware to elevate or it wont be supported ever? 

I really doubt Cambium will release Elevate for this equipment because it's all AC based and there's some proprietary UBNT architecture (PRISM, AirMagic, etc) used on those radios. It was somewhat easier for the ePMP team to port their software over to the UBNT M series gear because ePMP and XM/XW radios share a common off the shelf Atheros SOC. Lastly, UBNT has been on the war path making their firmware and radios increasingly difficult to use 3rd party firmware on. My guess is that the XC/WA platforms are really locked down at this point. I know for a fact that the XC/WA radios can't be used in WiFi mode, and the 2AC gear is a proprietary implimentation of 802.11ac for 2.4.


Not being able to make the native and known platform to work they make a "better" one for those who think higher bandwidth - the better CCQ, the higher gain - the better signal. Very smart