XE3-4 being overrun, how to diagnose

I’m IT manager for a large school and since August, I have switched to Cambium XE3-4 and its been great other one issue I’m hoping I can get help or opinions on.
In my school hall, which has clear LOS, it struggles with more than a handful of devices. Take 4 staff laptops in there and its fine but put 60 or so Chromebooks and it just grinds to a halt.
The spec lists them as being able to support up to 1,500 clients so at a loss as to why less than 10% of that on only Chromebooks (just basic browsing) would cause such grief. Can anyone offer any suggestions of where to look for a fix or am I asking just too much of the device? Would adding another AP cure the issue?

Its going back to a lowly used Aruba 2530 which seems to be delivering enough power.

Any thoughts, suggestions or guides would help.

Thank you


Best bet would be to log a call with Cambium, though there are some important logs/settings you should check

a)Airtime Utilization
b)Snmp stats of wireless interfaces
c)Frequencies being advertised and amount of ssid’s.Determine to which radio clients are connecting.
d)Transmit Power,Channel Width,Modes advertised
e)Whether OCS/AutoRF are enabled
f)Spectrum Analysis. With both a decent tool on a laptop and from the AP side.


Did you get this resolved?

I am also very interested in this topic, I have to evaluate the upgrade of Xirrus units to Cambium units, and the load capacity is a determining factor.

It is certainly a bad idea not to limit the radios to at least 40 or 50 clients at most, in critical environments we even limit them to 25 clients, it has worked well for us for years, in our system we manage very high density areas, as we are a Convention Center.
The great advantage of Xirrus is that we have AP models of 8 radios, but inevitably, we are forced to upgrade to new AP models, such as the XE5-8, which we face with good expectations.

Any empirical information about the ability to handle high workloads, and a large number of concurrent clients will be welcome, I will also try to share our experience.

Sorry for the late reply to this. The moment I posted, my school hall stopped hosting IT classes so it has been hard to stress test it and I hate to leave questions I post not updated.

I suspect my issue was linked to a low limit of SSID clients from this post I made…

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