XE3-4 performance

I bought the XE3-4 hoping for EXTREME performance.
But I broke down.

Once plugged in and set up, the results are dramatic.
Bandwidth 2.4 - channel width 40 MHz - maximum performance 65 Mbps (Max PHY Mode 274?!?!)

5 GHz band - 80 MHz bandwidth - maximum speed 274 Mbps! (Max PHY Mode 287?!?!?!?!?!?!)

6GHz band - works only with phone (intel AX 210 card cannot connect to 6GHz band?!?!) - speed on S22 Ultra - 530-830 Mbps (Max PHY Mode 2401).

The device costs VERY MUCH and the results are very poor. A device 5x cheaper from another manufacturer with AX gives similar performance on the 5 Ghz network (not having 6 GHz at all).
Does this model work like that? Because if so, it’s not worth the money :frowning:
It’s good that I bought it on NFR and I don’t regret spending a lot of money.

I will add that the performance on 2.4 and 5 GHz is lower than on the old model e410-Rev A

The probable cause is that you are connected to a group that was created a long time ago.
After installing a new one and configuring it the same way, the results are slightly better. But still not worth the price :frowning:

The XE3-4 was the first time I had a Cambium WAP work right out of the gate.

I have seen downloads in the 700 megs per second range with my Pixel 6 Pro on 5 and 6Ghz.

On the 5 Ghz band it is ok (although I have much better results on other manufacturer’s devices). 6 Ghz works perfectly and easily reaches over 900 Mbps. 2.4 is a fail :frowning:

In addition, I wonder why when connecting the device to the old configuration (AP Group) the results were distorted, only connecting to a clean new one gave better?
The group was about a year old. Unfortunately, it is not possible to view the old and new configuration - although there are no differences on the hotspot?!

Please send the AP configuration, setup, and client details to niraj.mahapatra@cambiumnetworks.com. We will verify this in our Lab and update the results.

2.4 40 mhz, 5ghz 80 mhz, 6 ghz 160 mhz wpa3. All other set to default.