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I second the desire to have the higher radio devices brought back.  We are a school district with over 1600 arrays deployed - many of them are the 8 radio devices.  When it comes to a refresh, we are going to have to do a major redesign if the 8s will no longer be available.



And that major re-design may be with a competing product.  Our entire deployment (1600+ arrays today) is based around the 8-radio arrays.  If those do not return when it's time for our hardware refresh our situation is basically a rip-and-replace, and endure a significant cabling and switch expense.  Given that, the doors open up for an RFP scenario.  We are also already past the effective capacity of XMS.  If we had to add another 600 Xirrus arrays we would have no way to manage it (cloud is not an option for us).  Deprecating the 8 radio array may very well be the end of Xirrus in our environment.

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This is a College deployment so I don't have anything exciting as far as installs, but I do have quite a few Arrays. I'm still running XMS-E as well as Cloud. We see a peak of 6200-6500 devices during the week, and see a ton of traffic through Netflix! We are a Xirrus only enviroment, across about 55 buildings including some outdoor areas.

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We are a Convention Center Using XMS Enterprise. The unit that currently offline is a spare unit.

In my office Im currently preparing a XR-4420 to go to a new location. Note the XD2-240 on the cieling. BTW after I took the pic I realise that the XR-4420 was sitting on the box from a Cambium Networks switch.


The most devices Ihave ever seen on my Network is 6700 but that was a one time event. What type of data service do you have? I have a Primary 1 gig fiber circuit  and a Secondary 100 meg fiber circuit as a failover. 

We just Got Our T-shirts. Thanks Guys!

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yes we have many cambium products in city.

Some outdoor installations, some of them are wifi4eu projects...

These snaps are of only deployment of p2p link of force 200. We are also using cnMaestro for monitoring and upgrade. More over our whole wireless network is designed over cambium p2p and we are also using pmp solution too.
Also happy with the results of link planner for link budgets and Los survey. If you want any more snap from my network . I m ahppy to share it.

Hi chris,
I m from Multinet Pakistan working as a wireless network engineer here are some recent photo from new deployment of cambium epmp2000 with 34dbi dish .

We use Xirrus/Cambium to cover our entire junior college, including the dormitories. Monitoring helps us catch issues and down APs before students notice a change in their WIFI. Seamless transition between access points ensures that they never lose connection. Also, Kuresh is the Cambium Support MVP!