Xirrus and Cambium Networks deployment - get a free T-Shirt

Do you already use both Xirrus and Cambium Networks equipment? Post a few sentences about your network, and I will send you a free T-Shirt. Extra points if you post a photo of your equipment deployed in the field. Dont forget to embed the photo in your post using the camera icon in the menu for your post.


We've been a Xirrus gold partner for the last 7 years. We have approximately 187 arrays deployed across campus, incorporating the SEC Hydro, Clyde Auditorium and SEC Campus. Our AP pool incorporates almost all of the existing Xirrus portfolio include 2 external point-to-point networks on campus. We have Xirrus fast deployment kit (with tripods)  that allows us to effectively design, implement and deploy a wireless network on a per event basis, it has simply been the best in class enterprise wireless solution we have invested in. I hope this is enough to get me a tshirt. In the Arena picture the AP's (XR 520H) are mounted in the lighting grid, rated at 10k concurrent users. I thought the picture told it's own story. The other pics are examples of the deployment kit. The model use on these varies. And I've even included a bespoke channel plan......


Wow - that is great. Did you use a Cambium Networks outdoor point-to-point link?


Hi Ray

We currently use RADWIN 2000 hardware to create the 2 outdoor point-to-points that then connect to the edge switches and ultimately onto the Xirrus AP's. A line of sight between the 2 areas was more cost effective than routing fibre. At the time, RADWIN came recommended via our Xirrus reseller.

I will happily stick up more photos as time allows.

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Thanks for the note. I am looking for someone who uses a Cambium Networks point-to-point link. Someone must be out there. Please contact us before you buy your next PTP link. 

Thanks for the great photos of your Xirrus installations. I will send you a shirt if you promise to post a photo of you in the shirt with your Xirrus equipment at your next event.

send your shirt size and ship to address to ray.savich@cambiumnetworks.com

EasyPassXMS EnterpriseXMS EnterpriseEasyPassMount Xirrus AP at Convention CenterConfigure Xirrus AP for Convention Center


47 unit Xirrus AP with 177 radios installed for a small size convention center. (managed services)


Thanks Dennis! I will make the same offer to you.

I will send you a shirt if you promise to post a photo of you in the shirt with your Xirrus equipment at your next event.

send your shirt size and ship to address to ray.savich@cambiumnetworks.com

Finally the obligatory XMS-Enterprise money shot



Workbench pre-build & testing


Still best in class - farewell old friend!


Latest additions.....

Latest Additions


Work in progress with new AP'

thanks! post photos when you have them.

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Hi Luca65

What program use to make a site survey? Thanks

Hi edwinacro, I use ekahau pro to design wifi networks

Hi Colin

I am genuinely interested in how your finding those new XD APs as clearly some of your old kit is high density XR-4000 and XR-6000 - which was always the differentiating factor for Xirrus - I notice the other day that Riverbed on some of their competative datasheets have even dropped position an XD4 as a high density device and instead as a "enterprise" solution rather than a hospitality/event venue solution!. We have a customer with 10 XR-4000 that we are considering the route forwards on as they go EOL in the next 18-24 months and am less that convinced by the prospect of a 4 directional radio AP particularly where we need somewhere around 180 and at a really push 270 deg of coverage - some of the units were originaly XR4400 with only 4 slots occupied - but all on one side. I have to say that I be been looking very carefully at a Unifi XG AP as it is a 4 radio box with 2x 4x4 ac Wave 2 radios, 1x 3x3 2.4Ghz and a dedicated monitor/security radio, an omni direction patten and a rather agressive price point of <£550 with no real ongoing support/licencing costs. Those new XD arrays frankly seem a bit samy in the market.

Hi Chris

In all honesty - I still prefer the 4000 and 6000 radio AP's.  It was really strange decision by Riverbed to ditch these models from their product line in my opinion. I still have a 16 radio AP in use. Although the vast majority of our wi-fi kit is statically installed we tend to spend a vast majority of our time designing and installing bespoke wireless networking on a per event basis. The older models allow us to do this successfully. I've had no issues whatsoever using the XD AP's, If i have a choice I would still use the 4000's and 6000's simply because they allow me to cover a larger area with more radios. I'd have to use 2 or 3 XD's to acheive the same result otherwise. (its not a problem just an observation) We also overlay this with Application Control which gives us better control of the wireless traffic. The radio slots on the 4400 you are talking about can be moved around. I've done that before in conjunction with Xirrus support (as it was at the time)


Hi Colin

Thanks; that is certainly a useful insight into the "AP multiplication". I agree it is certainly a bit of a stange decisions to abandon the product that is basically you unique selling proposition!