Xirrus AP on cnMatrrix Switch

I'm new to the cnMatrix enviromment and I testing  an EX2000 series.  I have a mixed environment but basicaly what we have is this. All switchs connect to a core switch using vlan 100 for management. So they are refrence by their IP address 12.12.100.X. On the cnMatrix I have created vlan 100 and assinged it the ip address On my Xirris AP vlan 75 (their native Vlan) is the management vlan. My question is this, what type of port should the uplink port be for the cnMatrix switch to connect back to the main core Switch? Shoud it be a Trunk or Hybrid? 

In my experience, most uplink connections to the core switch are trunk ports. In the scenario that you have described either hybrid or trunk will work but it all depends on how the link partner interface on the core switch is configured.