Xirrus EasyPass Onboarding/Personal - authentication and groups

XMS-Cloud EasyPass Onboarding currently supports Email, Google or Azure to authenticate when self-registering. I would like to request the addition of LDAP and/or SAML authentication methods for Self-Onboarding.

It would then be great to allow Google/Azure/LDAP/SAML attributes to be used to register the EasyPass User Group for that user. Or, at least specify a default Group for self-registered users.

Additionally, EasyPass Personal would benefit from these current Email/Google/Azure and proposed LDAP/SAML authentication methods being extended to its registration process, before a Personal Wi-Fi network is allowed to be created. While this isn’t so useful in a hotel, it’s particularly helpful in e.g. a dormitory to authoritatively track who’s doing what.