Xirrus Knowledge base articles

Does anyone know if cambium is going to get the knowledgebase articles moved from riverbed? They are no longer availabe there and there is no xirrus categotry under cambiums knowledge base, unless I am missing something?

A valid request. We are in the process of migrating the KB articles. We expect them to be available before the end of January.

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Can I get an update on the Xirrus Knowledge base? I still am not seeing the old articles. I also don't see a Xirrus Category for new articles....


I had several of those riverbed KB's bookedmarked for reference when having to troubleshoot and tftp images to looping arrays. it would be HUGELY helpful to have those articles back.

The senior engineers within the Xirrus support group are currently working through all the KB articles. Some are already in draft stage and there is no reason you will not see some within the next 2 weeks. We expect to add a handful each week.