Xirrus or cnPilot?

When approaching new projects, is one product line considered superior to the other; or perhaps do they have different purposes?

Will the Xirrus products become cnPilot / Cambium branded, or perhaps with cnPilot devices become Xirrus branded over time? Is development expected to converge, or will these remain separate product lines?

Thank you, the answers will help guide what we do with new projects.


From discussions with staff, IIRC… no new Xirrus branded devices will be made. You can see that in their current product line up as there are no new Xirrus products using AX/WiFi 6. That being said, apparently, Xirrus engineers helped create cnPilot products like the XV3 and 2.

Really? What will we do with all of these access points?

What do you mean? The OP question was regarding new product lines from Xirrus… not if they would stop making existing models.

I just learned about the available Product Lifecycle documentation found here:

You can check there to see the expected support window for your existing Xirrus products. I expect most Xirrus users are using the XMS-Cloud Management tool, which appears to support the cnPilot products as well. I would check to confirm, but it looks like the path forward is: keep using Xirrus, add Xirrus where necessary, but start adding cnPilot if you are transitioning to AX.

The Wi-Fi 6 APs are designed with both Cambium AND Xirrus features and use cases in mind. These “X” series APs will replace existing Wi-Fi 5 Xirrus and cnPilot models. XMS-Cloud supports Xirrus and the current Wi-Fi 6 APs and cnMaestro supports cnPilot and Wi-Fi 6 APs.
All existing Wi-Fi 5 APs will follow the lifecycle documented in the link shared by @uberdome above.