Xirrus training programs

The Xirrus training programs are back!  The Xirrus Certified Wireless Technician (XCWT) and Xirrus Certified Wireless Professional (XCWP) training programs are already starting to show up in the Cambium Networks training center.  The training is available to all Cambium partners and customers.

For our partners who have completed these programs in the past, we are currently migrating the training profiles and progress from the Riverbed system to the Cambium Networks systems.

More information about these programs will be coming soon, so please check back.


The training on the learning portal is technical certification as far as I can tell.

Will there also be sales training released, similar to the Sales Solution Specialist certification recently introduced?

Yes, there will be a Sales training program available to our partners.  This should be coming in the near future.  Please stay tuned...

Both Technical Certification program are now live in Cambium Learning! Start by registering for a Cambium ID at https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/register then use that email and password to access Cambium Learning. Click Product Technical Training on the home page and begin the Xirrus Learning experience. Check out the attached Xirrus Training Data Sheet for recommended learning paths.