Xirrus x2-120 Model did not connect XMS

Hi, This is Monzil from ADN Telecom, We are using varities types of 5G Cambium Radio and Xirrus AP for WiFi. we purchase Xirrus(X2-120) 423 pcs but hasn’t connected to XMS and hasn’t being worked.

Note: X2-120 to XMS(server) Ping reply is ok and XMS to X2-120 Ping is okay.
Both side reachability is okay but XMS didn’t discover Xirrus(X2-120).
AP Version 7.7.4-83-xap
XPS Version: 8.0.5-7407

Hi Monzil, the software versions for the X2-120 and the XMS-E are very old. Please upgrade the XMS-E to one of the newer version like 8.4.1-15577. Also, upgrade the X2-120 APs to a newer version like 8.4.7-240 and 8.4.2-234.