Xirrus XD4-240 - Cant connect to ip after factory reset

Just tried to factory reset our Xirrus XD4-240.
Unplugged it from POE. Held reset button for 20 secs.
When it boots and stabilizes, GIG2/STS is green, GIG1 is orange and flashing.
IAP1/2 Orange. IAP3/4 off.
I’ve plug PC into switch on POE injector. Set static ip to gateway
Cant open the web page on
When using Angry Ip. Nothing found in 10.0.2.x range.
Any ideas?
Note: If I look at my phone, I can see 2 wifisid’s but one immediately disconnects me and the other requires a certificate. Its like the reset isn’t taking.

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Well apparently I cant follow a manual properly.
After googling and seeing I had to unplug, hold, plugin, continue holding… for 20-30 secs…
Then it worked…