XM devices not restoring after 3.3 upgrade

Hello. We had a few XM devices running 3.2.2-RC2 or something like that and we upgraded our tower to 3.3 and all the ePMP devices, XW elevate all upgraded fine. We then manually upgraded the XM devices with the UBNTXM file from Cambium website and the 3 devices that were XM did not come back up after the upgrade.

I'm heading out to one of the sites now to see if a simple power cycle will fix it or not.

Any ideas why only our XM devices failed to come back online during the upgrade?

I've had this happen several times on both XM and XW devices... a simple power cycle fixed it everytime, as far as I can remember.

I switched to upgrading via SNMP with a script I wrote, instead of through the web interface, and it seems to happen much less often that way - I suspect upgrading through CNUT or cnmaestro might work better as well.

All 3 devices that were XM came back online with 3.3 after we power cycled them. So they did not restore themselves after a firmware upgrade as the XW and ePMP devices did.

Any fix on this in the future Cambium?