XMS-C Active Directory Setup

We have been using Xirrus APs since it was Xirrus. We have always been told that Active Directory authentication does not work. I have tried it and that seems to be the case.
Is there something we are doing wrong or is this a Fake feature that just has a configuration screen but actually does nothing?

The Active Directory feature has always worked as intended/designed. This allows users to join using AD credentials but does not have the added functions available if you use a RADIUS server. The AD feature has been improved in more recent releases of the software to allow for seamless roaming between AP’s.

Any chance you can provide a detailed setup guide and troubleshooting steps as I have configured what I believe to be correct but can’t get it to work and my wireless client will not authenticate using AD Authentication.

If you need assistance with AD Authentication, or have questions regarding AP configuration, please contact Customer Service and open a support ticket.

It turns out while the option for AD Authentication exists, it isn’t supported on the XV2-2 WiFi6 model. I’ll need to use RADIUS instead.

Active Directory support on the XV APs is planned for Q2 2022.