XMS-C Improve Reporting

I’m trying to spot trends and issues with users connecting to wifi.
It would be really helpful if we could see the connected clients by SSID and or Profile. Or if we can connect Power BI to the backend and have that create trend graphs.

One use case is that we’ve heard a number of devices haven’t been able to authenticate for the last couple of days (not a cambium issue) so the enterprising users have joined our guest network instead. So if I could export or save the daily weekly line graphs of connected clients by hour I could spot that at 10am on a Monday we normally have 1000 clients on ssid 1 but this monday we’ve only got 500 and an extra 300 on ssid 2, we’d be able to investigate.

It would be ideal to compare todays graph with maximum/min and average for this day in the week. That’s asking too much so I’ll take saved/exported graphs If I don’t have to remember to extract them myself.