Xms-e connexion refused on gui

Hello, I am having an issue with XMS-E VM instance after several days working suddenly start refusing access to GUI and even if I restart and/or repair database schema I am not abble to have access to GUI.
The instance is up and running and I have CLI access to it, but the Aps are not working correctly since they have lost communication with the XMS-E. It is possible to fix without having to reinstall everything from scratch? thanks in advance.

Hello NetBrowser!

Are you able to log a ticket via support.cambiumnetworks.com so we can take a look and get the engineering team involved if necessary?

Many thanks

Thank you, I’ve sent the support request already.

Thank you. I will look out for it and help find a resolution.


After several checkings I’ve manage to fix the issue by increasing the memory, it has been working for the last 6 months or more, yesterday it has stopped working again. Same issue, I’ve increased the memory to the vm and it is still not working.
Any idea?