Xr-320 technical documentation/ troubleshooting XMS AP add process?

In XMS cloud I added my XR-320 APs that are stuck in waiting mode. I’m told to apply SSh command whcih I have no clue how to do. Haven’t been successful finding technical guides / troubleshooting documents. Appreciate any hints and assistance.

The Xirrus Knowledge Base is currently housed on a separate Cambium site. Does this post help you?


Specifically this part:

If the AP(s) appear in the Cloud dashboard but show not activated, please review each of the above prerequisites. If all of the above are met, but the AP remains offline/not activated, then you may need to manually configure the AP(s) for XMS-Cloud. Please establish an SSH session (e.g. via PuTTY or Terminal) into each affected array at its LAN IP address (default credentials admin/admin) or use Xircon and paste in this script:

ntp enable
activation stop
activation interval 1
activation start

Each array will then appear online within 10-15 minutes. If they do not, please obtain a diagnostic log from the AP so we may advise further.

The AP(s) is plugged into my network with access to the internet, DHCP server exists. The APs not appearing in XMS nor seems to be getting assigned an IP address from within to ssh into. Please note that a Firewall is part of the setup which I understand may or may not bolock it . My main concern is that I don’t understand what’s going on in the AP with the absence of a console access and no means to find out more about the AP behavior IP address and such …

Ok, Xircon I’ll give it a shot …

All good, got support to assist it was just a matter of resetting the APs as soon as reset showed up pretty much everywhere including XMS cloud portal … gota love zero touch.!!! Thanks much Simon.

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