Xv2-2 POE problem

Hello, i work for a company that uses the XV2-2 on temporary basis on events.
The problem that is occuring is, as soon as we use shielded cable the AP shuts down and doesnt turn on anymore unless you unplug and plug the cable again (after wich the problem repeats).
The problem is solved as soon as we use unshielded cable but most of the time we dont have those on hand.
The AP is powered from the switch.
Are there people with the same problem?

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Cambium switch or another vendor ?

Mostly HUAWEI S5700 switches, ripping off the shielding from the switch side of the cable does the trick but obviously i dont want to destroy all the cables we use :wink:

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Check whether the switch is grounded properly ?

yeah we checked everything groundwise, switches are running thru pretty good APC backup batteries also. Its driving me crazy i cant find any solution for it. Also checked if the ports were maybe not giving enough power but thats also not the case. If you would for example put 5 AP’s with shielding and 5 without shielding on the same switch, only the shielded ones turn off and the non shielded ones keep on running fine. Also forcing poe doesnt work.

I moved this topic into the Enterprise Wi-Fi forum and notified some folks about it… they’ll respond here with some information.



Please send me a direct email and let’s get a case opened with customer support. This issue was recently debugged on the XV2-2 and a hardware revision was implemented and tested. Channel information on this is going out starting next week, but we can get you on a fast track to resolution. My direct email is daran.hermans@cambiumnetworks.com.

Next week I’ll post additional information about this for the benefit of the community.

Thank you Miko for bringing this to the community discussion,


I will send you an email in the morning :ok_hand: thanks for the reply!

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Please visit support.cambiumnetworks.com and open a support ticket. Reference this post in the ticket.

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this is being addressed by an updated revision of the XV2-2 and XE3-4. The failure mode we have seen at some locations requires the use of shielded-twisted-pair (STP) cabling along with certain other devices being plugged into the same Ethernet switch that is powering the Cambium XV2-2 or XE3-4 access point.


We have exactly the same issue with one of our customers where all XV2-2 do not power up if connected via shielded patch cable. Using unshielded ones works flawlessly. Can you supply some more details what was the cause in more detail and how the issue has been fixed in your situation?

Thanks a lot.

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Ha Frank,

We used the same solution as you did, using UTP cables did the trick.
Its a bit more labour intesive since we have to make even the shortest patch cables on location but we don’t seem to have any issues anymore
I got in contact with the support team and they are working on a solution but the eta is yet unkown.

Hi Miko,

thanks for your fast response.

We also have a case open with Cambium on that, and they told us that the issue is related to grounding issues and that we should ensure proper grounding on the network rack. We of cause verified that and there are no such problems at all. As such they IMHO implicitly deny that the issue is caused or influenced by the design of their network equipment.

In contrast to that Jim (from Cambium) stated in this thread, that there is/will be a new hw revision addressing the issue, so I’m a bit confused about that.

Also strange is that all other PoE equipment connected to the same switch work flawlessly independent of what kind of cable you use.

Do you know about more details for the root cause of the problems?

please contact our technical support for this issue as they can help you with a solution.


Sadly we couldnt figure out the root cause.
Probably like yourself, we just couldnt figure out where the problem of it all lies.
I hope they will be able to find the what the problem is.

In contrast to the response you got, to me they did say they were working on a solution so maybe somebody from Cambium can shine some light on this?

Did our technical support team respond to you? If not please tell them to reach out to Engineering on this issue.

Yes they did respond.

was the response sufficient?

Maybe a bit confusing since they told Frank that there isnt a solution in the pipe line and they told me there is but that the eta is unkown. If we can get an answer on that it would be appriciated


can you share the support ticket number with me and your company name? I will chase it down with our Technical Support team. Thank you