XV2-2 Powers Off and On

I have a few XV2-2 AP’s that randomly shuts off and than back on. AP is connected to a Cisco C1000 switch. I read a few post suggested to disable LLDP and but that didn’t resolve the issue. I am currently running firmware Has anyone had this issue and how did you resolve it? Link is a snap shot of the event log.

@Pao_Vang , is the Cisco switch capable of .3at PoE? Some Cisco switches are very sensitive to power spikes and can shut down the power if it exceeds .3af.

Yes, it’s a C1000-48FP-4X-L PoE+ switch. If it’s a power spike that’s causing the shutdown, is there a configuration that I need to apply at the switchport to prevent this from happening?

@Pao_Vang Can you please provide the output from the Cisco “show logging” command when you see this issue occur? Also, please see the below link in the power inline section for useful commands that can assist you with the Cisco 1000 configuration. It could be that setting the interfaces for " power inline consumption 30000" will help. You should also configure the interfaces with the “power inline police action log” command when using the “power inline consumption” command.


@GaryHansen That seems to have solved the issue. AP has been running for a few days now without restarting. Thank you for your help.

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Great to hear, glad that helped.