xv2-21X - another example of bad testing

Today it’s time to test another Cambium baby from the WiFi6 series. I fell for the 3rd and probably the last time - it will be a VERY LONG BREAK FROM SHOPPING!

XV2-21X - outdoor setting enabled (so system will use channels 100 upwards) - DON’T WORK, channels 100 above are not implemented.
Let me remind you that it was the same with xv2-2 !!!
You are repeating mistakes from over 2 years ago!!


Thank God I couldn’t get a tender for a hotel where I was supposed to use xv2-21X and xv2-22H!!!
I would burn with shame in front of a client.

What breaks me down is the repair of these errors, which for other producers takes a few to several days, for you it takes months.

I’m afraid to test the NSE3000 because there will probably be the same problems.

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Im having major issues with the XV2-2T0/2T1 and the 21X. I have a current deployment at the commercial business that no client devices can connect or stay connected and the devices that do connect to the AP’s just bounce back and forth between the 2.4 and 5 ghz channels. It as if AP’s are kicking devices off just for fun. I set up a single AP in my LAB to test with no interference and the problem is so bad, I have to keep plugging my Mikrotik AP back in, just to get to the internet to complain about this. I have deployment of about 15 AP’s that now i am getting ready to tear it all down and accept the loss of this job.

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Exactly the same thing happened when I bought the xv2-2 about 2 years ago. Identical symptoms. From this it follows that the new soft is written based on some archaic versions of the repository and old errors are repeated.
This is so sad :frowning:

Channel 100 and above are available as per country regulations. Channel 100 will be available for FCC and ETSI regulatory after getting DFS certification for these devices.

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Date of production 30.08.2022. You are still waiting for certification ? Wow ?
Why this device is insale ?
Why u lie in the documentations ?

You launch the product on the market by writing in the leaflet that you have such certificates.
Where are they ?

Is it such a new habit at Cambium to release a product that does not match the entry in the pdf file?
Without certification?
So we buy a car on 3 wheels, but the documentation says it has 4 :slight_smile:
Well done!

As per my knowledge, we have added support in the 6.2 release, Please verify with the latest image(6.5.1-r11) and channels 100-140 should be available in XV2-2.

No the newest firmware do not support DFS channels at etsi. No test no knowladge :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Note: FCC, IC, EU DFS channels not supported in first release

→ such a sentence is included in the pdf.

And now a curiosity.
According to the support page, the first release was October 22, 2022. It’s February 2023. When will the “first release” end after a year?

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Hi Pshemo,

Please find the DFS channel status as requested with 6.5.1-r11. We will add support DFS channel in the upcoming release after getting the certification

For example, you send information to Hamina about the ranges with the ability to use DFS channels in the ESTI region. I’m doing a project, and then a surprise - “We’ll turn it on when we get the certificate”.
So we don’t know when :slight_smile:
Good news :slight_smile:

Let me check internally and will update the expected timeline.

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Sometimes you have to make the difficult decision to postpone the release of a product when it is unusable.
Unfortunately, the word DEADLINE ruins such activities in any corporation.
The consequence of this action are such duds as xv2-21 and xv2-22.

This is BAD, and I’m waiting for ~30 xv2-21 for a project.