XV2-21X configure Trunk Multiple Vlans

I’m trying to configure multiple VLANs on my XV2-21X Access Point but with no success. I created an AP Group with the VLANs and I also created WLAN for VLAN 99 and VLAN 172. The AP is connected to a Cisco 3850 switch. As soon as I configure switch port to trunk mode and to allow the specify VLANs, it’ll lose connection. Attach image of the configuration.


configuration on the Cisco switch:

config# int g1/0/1
config-if# switchport trunk allowed vlan 172,99
config-if# switchport mode trunk

Software version ? There was an issue with old one.

Software version is 6.5-r15

Vlan 1 (native vlan) is not allowed on trunk interface on cisco switch?

Welcome to the Cambium Community Pao. Please upgrade the AP to the latest recommend version in cnMaestro. Also, you do not need to create the VLAN 99 and 172 interfaces on the Network page of the AP Group unless you plan to use those VLANs as L3 interfaces. You just need to have VLAN 99 and 172 as switch port trunk allowed vlans on Eth1. Please advise once you have upgraded the software and removed the VLAN 99 and 172 interfaces.

Also, on the connected Cisco switchport (ie g1/0/1), please run the interface command “switchport trunk native vlan 1” .

Thank you @GaryHansen. I removed the VLAN interfaces on the AP Group and left it to just allow VLAN 99 and VLAN 172 on Eth1, and I also ran the command “switchport trunk native vlan 1” on the cisco switch. I was still having the same issue. But, I did figure it out. I gave the native vlan an IP address and removed the cisco command “switchport trunk allowed vlan 97,172” on the interface. The only command on the cisco interface was “switchport mode trunk”. Configuration on the cambium AP was left the way you suggested. Thank you for your help, everyone.

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Hi Pao Vang
can you help me for this configuration I try to configure but my switch not showing any mac from Cambium


Hey @Md_Sakil_Ahmmed try removing the switch command “trunk allowed vlan 100,200”. Enter only the command “switchport mode trunk”. Also, make sure VLAN 1 has an IP address. You don’t need this setting on the cambium APs that I circled in blue (see image). Let me know if it worked.

Thank you for your reply. Can you explain more on vlan 1 ip address? Its mandatory or i can use another vlan ip address and this IP is static or DHCP mode

this AP showing Offline and they are not getting on my router if I configure switch port on access vlan 200 then this AP will show online

Your native VLAN 1 needs an IP address. The command will be(cisco switch):

interface vlan 1
ip address (ENTER IP ADDRESS)

this ip i am added in my cisco switch or cambium AP?
N.B: in my network my total cisco switch 10 and my AP 15

my all switch have interface vlan 99 and all switch an IP address 172.16.99. block

Which ever VLAN is your native/mgmt VLAN, it’ll need an IP address and on your AP you’ll need to change your native VLAN to match your swtich. If VLAN 99 is your native/mgmt VLAN than you’ll have to issue command “switchport trunk native vlan 99” on that interface.