XV2-21X ePSK

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I would like to confirm use of ePSK is supported on XV2-21X model.

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There is a glitch in the latest firmware: when you move between the radios on the same access point, there can be an issue.

Its marked as NO WORK AROUND at this time.

Do you know if it is that the same with XV2-2T0 model?

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Client is assigned a WLAN VLAN instead of an ePSK VLAN after roaming between radios of the same AP.
Workaround: None

Thats a real problem for an install I have coming up. So the MDU I am doing next week is going to be Ruckus.

@Springs FLCN-15082 is only in the case of radius-based ePSK.

FLCN-14484 seems related to Radius.

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Invalid PSK observed when client tries to connect to AP using
RADIUS-based ePSK when 802.11r is enabled.
Workaround: Disable 802.11r.

Can you get them to correct the release notes.

Matt specifically sited this, why we had to go DPSK.