XV2-21X rebooting randomly

I’ve just installed couple of XV2-21X, which are on 6.5.1-r11, and both of them are randomly rebooting. I saw few comments here about the APs performance, but thought it maybe minor issues and will get resolved soon with updates. Now I’m worried, I’ve an installation couple of months down the line with 35 of these APs.
Any points pls ?

Edit 1: Updating them to, lets see.

Edit 2: Didn’t help, still going down.

Edit 3: Moved them from a Aruba 1930 switch to TP-Link TL-SG2428P, and now they seems to be stable, i.e. not rebooting every few mins. There enough power available with the Aruba Sw, so looks like it’s something else. Needs to observe for 24 hrs.

Edit 4: Yep, it’s stable with the TP-Link switch. Already have 6x XV2-2 on the Aruba switch without any issues. Do not know why the XV2-21X is acting up on the same switch ?

Also observed Insufficient power notifications which is not getting resolved on the 21X:

WIth the XV2-2, have similar msgs but it gets resolved after 2 mins, I assume the AP is able to successfully negeotiate power with the SW unlike 21X:


  • Please do the following to avoid rebooting device due to power negotiation and save it.
XE3-4_006FD7(config)# power force none
XE3-4_006FD7(config)# power policy sufficient
XE3-4_006FD7(config)# no lldp
  • Please upgrade all APs to release image.

Updated them to, this was my first goto.

Any plan to get the power negeotiation issue to be resolved in future update ?

Also I’m not sure if the cause is really power nego, I’ve the debug file that I downloaded before I moved them to the TP-Link. Would be happy to share and get to know the real cause.


Did recommended changes help?

Couldn’t apply, it’s a production site which has existing XV2-2, we just added couple of XV-2-21 to it, and being stable with TP-Link did not touch it.

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has this been resolved or is still an open issue?

Well, kind of resolved after burning 2 APs out of 46 that we upgraded to the latest version durning pre-deployment stage. With the initial batch of 12, we hooked them up to Cisco CBS switches, and 2-3 were randomly power cycling, on firmware upgrade, 2 did not booted back, and were unresponsive, maybe they power cycled durning the process, have an open RMA for the same.

After this, we changed the process for the next batch, hooked them to an unmanaged PoE switch, observed for 15 mins, all were stable, then pushed config with AP profile having “no lldp request-power” override, and did the firmware upgrade. Then we moved them to the Cisco switches, and now they are all stable.

Was a painful process, but hope they will remain stable in production environment. Still not sure what fixed it, the override or the latest firmware.

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let me feed this back to our team.