XV2-21X Slow Speed

Hello, we installed 1 XV2-21X AP last Thursday, users reporting (since inception) slow speed, the switch (EX1028-P) hardwired gets 900Mbps (New ISP), old WiFi AP was around 170 Mbps (OLD ISP feed) the XV2 provide about 2Mbps what users reporting, cnMaestro cloud show even less.
Where do I look for setting/options to change this ?
Users should get 150 at least on any device.

AP Model: XV2-21X
Firmware: (recommended)

Let me know if anyone have some input on this.

(Novice in cnMaestro)

go to AP
Then tools
Remote CLI
type “speed m” click enter
Show results

The NSE3000
2KDownload: 749.74Mbps Upload: 373.76Mbps

The AP

Device > speed m

Your IP is xx.xx.xx.xx Test server located in Vancouver, Canada Latency: 28.9ms Jitter: 17.0ms 2KDownload: 147.58Mbps
2KDownload: 177.49Mbpse[2KDownload: 186.48Mbps
2KDownload: 195.52Mbpse[2KDownload: 200.99Mbps
2KDownload: 203.41Mbps
2KDownload: 205.82Mbpse[2KDownload: 207.53Mbpse[2KDownload: 208.54Mbps
2KDownload: 210.06Mbpse[2KDownload: 210.27Mbps
2KDownload: 211.59Mbps
2KDownload: 212.28Mbpse[2KDownload: 212.76Mbps
2KDownload: 212.88Mbpse[2KDownload: 212.84Mbps Upload: 0.00Mbps
2KDownload: 212.84Mbps Upload: 135.08Mbpse[2KDownload: 212.84Mbps Upload: 128.12Mbps
2KDownload: 212.84Mbps Upload: 134.56Mbpse[2KDownload: 212.84Mbps Upload: 136.27Mbps
2KDownload: 212.84Mbps Upload: 138.86Mbpse[2KDownload: 212.84Mbps Upload: 136.53Mbps
2KDownload: 212.84Mbps Upload: 138.01Mbpse[2KDownload: 212.84Mbps Upload: 134.68Mbps
2KDownload: 212.84Mbps Upload: 128.62Mbpse[2KDownload: 212.84Mbps Upload: 125.67Mbps
2KDownload: 212.84Mbps Upload: 121.48Mbps
2KDownload: 212.84Mbps Upload: 117.47Mbpse[2KDownload: 212.84Mbps Upload: 113.27Mbps
2KDownload: 212.84Mbps Upload: 114.58Mbpse[2KDownload: 212.84Mbps Upload: 116.10Mbps
2KDownload: 212.84Mbps Upload: 116.11Mbps

Show wifi 5GHz config.

There is nothing changed form default other than name and pass

HI, Please refer this document about throughput validation available.