XV2-22H poe out question

I am looking at using 2 XV2-22h Wall Plate AP on running of of the others poe out port.
I have some confusion on the spec.
First does the XV2-22H support pasive poe in?
Can I run another XV2-22H of of that port?
The idea is to use an existing cable but have 2 AP…

Any help would be appreciated


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Only 802.at
Yes u can power another hotspot with max 15W (first must be poweredby POE+ 30W)

Hi Pshemo,

The problem I have is that the spec says 10W on the poe out port… I find this very strange…

Ok I will test it on Monday and back with result :wink:

thanks for your help

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XV2-22H (wifi 6 wall plate access point) can be powered via 802.3 PSE (power sourcing equipment) such as an Ethernet switch with PoE out capability or it can be powered with a passive PoE injector or an 802.3 PoE injector. The PoE output capability of the XV2-22H is that it can provide nominally 10W at 48V to a secondary device. The PoE output of the XV2-22H is a passive type (not 802.3 compliant).

Thanks for the reply Jim.
So it looks like its not able to power another XV2-22H off of the poe output…
In other words:
switch poe 802.3at–>poe in XV2-22H poe out–>poe in XV2-22H
is this correct?

so if you have 802.3at form a switch to power an XV2-22H and then you want that XV2-22H to power a second XV2-22H the total power budget needed would be 12.95W + 12.95W or 25.9W so this might work as the 802.3at switch should supply 30W at its source and then the loss in the Ethernet cabling between the switch and the first XV2-22H + loss in the cable between the two XV2-22H’s. It might be ok, but it is close as the IEEE 802.3at standard only guarantees 25.5W at the PD (powered device) which would be the first XV2-22H.

Working, but performance of xv2-22H is dramatic !
Max 30 Mbps on 2,4 and 5 Ghz !
speed test show 12/12 on CLI.
Not recommended to use this staff at the moment. I will return this on Monday.

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As stated before… The physical ports are an issue.

First firmware wouldn’t let me separate ports.

Next one crushed the wired throughput to less than 100M.

For now I would say use a 21X, and use a separate wired switch.

We are working on a fix for the wired throughput in the next release. Thank you for your patience.

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Who allowed it to be sold with such a critical error? Somebody should get punched for this!

Wow… talk about a problem…
In any case its good that its known and they are working on it…
Still my biggest issue is the 10W output on the poe port…
Sound like this product is still only half baked…

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Has anyone done this configuration with e425h ?
switch poe 802.3at–>poe in e425 poe out–>poe in e425
Maybe this would be the way to go for now…

Yes, We can connect switch poe 802.3at–>poe in e425 poe out–>poe in e425 . Please find the datasheet of e425H


10W is the nominal PoE out capability as it will be more at normal room temperature. 12.95W is the standard 802.3af supplied to a PD from a PSE per the 802.3 standard so rating our PoE out at 10W is not far off and it will generally manage more than 10W unless you are operating at the absolute worst-case air temperatures.