XV2-22H Port VLAN Settings REQUEST

I have mentioned this before… but it needs to be addressed.

4 Unit MDU with multiple common areas.

System configured with 1 SSID and using EPSK to place clients into 1 of 4 IP Scopes (one per unit).

With in each unit we would like to offer physical switch ports.

The XV2-22H was meant for this… or so I thought.

Unit 1 is VLAN 10
Unit 2 is VLAN 20
Unit 3 is VLAN 30
Unit 4 is VLAN 40

How are we supposed to set that in cnMaestro

I will tell you where it is… its under groups. That would require each AP to be in a separate group. Or setting variables and overrides for something that really should be easier.


This would make the most sense.

Is it necessary for each AP’s eth1 to be on a different VLAN? or the eth1 on all APs must be on VLAN 10. If the latter, then all APs will be covered by a single AP group.


Hi @Springs

If you want to use different VLANs on various Ethernet ports across multiple APs, you can utilize the “Variables and Macros” feature available in cnMaestro. This can be found in the AP group settings under “User-Defined Overrides.” section.

Add the following macro to the ‘User-Defined Overrides’ section in order to have Eth2 & Eth3 VLAN configuration available for each AP in the configuration section.

interface eth 2
switchport access vlan ${Eth2_VLAN=1}
interface eth 3
switchport access vlan ${Eth3_VLAN=1}

Configuration output once configuration is applied to AP
interface eth 1
switchport mode access
switchport access vlan 1
interface eth 2
switchport mode access
switchport access vlan 20
interface eth 3
switchport mode access
switchport access vlan 30

I see that work around… but kind of fits clear as day right here…

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Here is how clean and easy it is on the local GUI.

Each room is going to have the same setting on Ether1.

But ether-2 and ether-3 are going to be Access ports to the VLAN of that Room.
Room 1 Will need VLAN 10 on Ether2 and 3
Room 2 Will need VLAN 20 on Ether2 and 3

Come on guys… lets get on this.

The APs are part of the same site and group. They need the wireless settings to be applied across dozens of APs.


Each AP is in a room that needs to have the WIRED PORTS on a different VLAN per Room.

SO EPSK puts the devices on to VLAN 30. And no mattter where in the property they are… they are in the same site/AP group. So they are still on VLAN 30. And the VX2-22H back in there room should have its ports set as VLAN 30.

Now when he is out by the pool… still on the wifi… he can access things in his room/unit… as they are on VLAN 30.

Since I have been ignored on this one…

Going to have to go with a separate managed switch at the devices and a WAP over head.

If you are proposing/suggesting a new feature on the maestro/AP, suggest posting this in your ideas section.

I am trying to use this workaround, but something isn’t working correctly. I have added the VLAN config in the User-Defined Overrides - Variables and Macros section:
interface eth 2
switchport access vlan $(Eth2_VLAN=1)
interface eth 3
switchport access vlan $(Eth3_VLAN=1)
However, in the configuration for a particular AP, I the Configuration Variables section does not show up.

Please send the screen capture to me (niraj.mahapatra@cambiumnetworks.com) and I can help you to configure it.

I sent it to you Tuesday evening. Let me know if you didn’t get it.

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Did you get this working?