XV2-2T Outdoor solution for Container yard?

did someone reach out to you yet? I passed your information and someone from our regional sales office should be reaching out to you

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Dear Jim
Thank very much
I have received contact email from Nantha Kumar
Sales Director - Asia
Cambium Networks
Thank your support

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were you able to get an XV2-2T1 unit to try in your network for more targeted coverage in certain spots?

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Dear Jim
I still haven’t received the XV2-2T1 unit.
Besides, I have an order Epmp 3000, Force 300, XV2-2T0 from November 29, 2021 to today still haven’t received it.
Could you please check and speed up the delivery for me.

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let me see what I can find out

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Hi Jim
Have you checked the information for me?

I have sent a note to the regional technical sales about this so I expect that they will follow-up with you shortly on this order.

any news on this one?

Dear Ray and Jim
Currently your partner in Vietnam informed me that there is still no information about the goods that I ordered and also the demo product.

I will check from this end.

Dear RayS
My project progress has been delayed for two months now because I have not received this order. Please help to receive this shipment as soon as possible

Dear RayS and jim
We have received the goods today
Thank you for your support

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have you been able to test the XV2-2T1 in your networks?

Hi - did you install these units? How are they working for you?


Dear Jim and Ray
I installed and tested. Xv2-2T0 doesn’t seem suitable for container yards

is the issue range or coverage or is it that you need omnidirectional? Have you tried the XV2-2T0? How about new XV2-23T?

we also are releasing a new outdoor connectorized access point which is wifi 6e capable in the March timeframe that might be a good fit as well as you can pair it with unique antennas depending on location/coverage area: