XV2-2T power out port

Hi All,

XV2-2T have one RJ45 port with power out for connect to other PoE devices. For the case, can the connection on this situation?

Primary XV2-2T with AC power point that connect to secondary XV2-2T, the second devices connect to the third XV2-2T which can create a total 200 meters long WiFi network with single power point? thanks.

Not possible. U have only one power supply. Not enought power for 3 AP.

Thanks and if in case the third device is CCTV camera, is that enough power for all devices with single power point?

Lets make assumption that 15W is max {PoE} standard

The PoE Out is 30 watts for the XV2-2T APs. The AP itself can draw up to 20 watts so you would need to use a PoE switchport that can deliver up to 50 watts of PoE power or use the 60 watt Cambium PoE injector.

Please reference the XV2-2T data sheet:


Thanks all of you. :heart: :heart: :heart: