XV2-2T0 & 23T Transmit Power

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I have both a 2T0 and a 23T which I am testing in an open field, but unfortunately both APs only give me around 30 meters in range which is extremely weak for such a device. It is probably because the transmit power is limited to 13 due to EU regulation. Since I am testing it in an open field with no neighboring plots I want to change the country ID to USA for example to maximize the range. Other brands allow this, but on the AP I do not have the option to select any country that allows more than 15 transmit power. Does the EU market get weaker, scaled down hardware? Can the option to select a country outside the EU be added?


Query is related to Regulatory, hence please raise support ticket.

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I created a support case, but they are unable to assist since I am using devices manufactured for the EU market.
So my follow up question is that you are selling downscaled hardware in EU which does not correspond to the data sheets?

Cambium products respect the rules of the regulatory body that certifies them. We have different part numbers for different parts of the world. For example (from the XV2-2T0 datasheet):

Part Number Description
XV2-2T0XA00-US XV2-2T0 Dual-Radio Wi-Fi 6. Outdoor (FCC) 802.11ax 2x2, Omni, US
XV2-2T0XA00-CA XV2-2T0 Dual-Radio Wi-Fi 6. Outdoor (IC) 802.11ax 2x2, Omni, CA
XV2-2T0XA00-EU XV2-2T0 Dual-Radio Wi-Fi 6. Outdoor (ETSI) 802.11ax 2x2, Omni, EU
XV2-2T0XA00-RW XV2-2T0 Dual-Radio Wi-Fi 6. Outdoor 802.11ax 2x2, Omni, RW

The US model complies with the FCC rules, the Canadian model complies with Industry Canada rules, and the EU model complies with ETSI rules.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for replying. We have over 250 Cambium devices and always respect the ETSI standard. We have 1 specific use case where we need to deviate from this for 1 specific device only, in a rural area where there is no infrastructure that can interfere. With other vendors its as simple as changing the location or flashing it with other firmware, but with Cambium this is not possible.

Then you and/or that manufacturer are breaking the ETSI rules. If Cambium made it easy for operators to change the region or TX power beyond what is legally allowed, Cambium might be held liable by the regulatory body for those operators that abuse it. I think the only way that Cambium might allow for you to do something like this with their equipment would be for you to go to the regulator and get a waiver to operate the equipment outside of specified rules. I’m only speaking hypothetically here, I’ve never actually heard of anyone being able to do this.

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