XV2-2T0 eth two not working


Hope someone can help!

I have a XV2-2T0 that I wish to attach a external PoE speaker to the unit taking advantage of the additional ethernet port and PoE pass-through. Looking at the spec the speaker will not draw more than 25watts and the AP is connected to a cnMatrix EX2016M-P (802.3bt port).

However I am unable to get any activity on the second port let alone any PoE using a couple of devices as tests.

The config is as follows,

interface eth 2
switchport mode access
switchport access vlan

Am I missing something to enable this port?

AP managed via cnMaestro cloud.

Thanks for your help,

@Rob_Fuller , have you looked at this section in the user guide? perhaps PoE out is not enabled?

As Kumar points out, PoE Out is disabled by default. You will likely want to use the 802.3af option for your device. That will supply 48V output and supply the maximum wattage output in the below chart.

Thanks for the replys.

No PoE Out was not enabled, so that has been switched on. I can see some traffic on ETH2 which is good. Would I expect to see the device under the wired clients tab?

Currently working off-site so don’t have full access to check. Not sure if there is any commands I could run on the AP cli to see if any device has fired up?


If you see Eth2 as reported up under Network Info for that AP and you see traffic flowing on Eth2, then the speaker is powered up since it has established a link with Eth2 and is passing traffic. Sorry I do not have an example handy that shows Eth2 as up.

Perfect, all working a charm! Thank you @GaryHansen @KumarK


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