XV2-2T0 vs XV2-23T

On paper, it looks like the XV2-23T will generally match or outperform the XV2-2T0 from a Wi-Fi perspective.

The benefits I see to choosing the XV2-2T0 include:

  • 2.5 Gbps uplink port
  • Secondary Ethernet port with PoE out
  • BLE 4.1
  • Client limit 512 (compared to 256)

If I don’t need any of the above items, is it safe to consider the XV2-23T an equivalent or even better choice?

Thank you, Chris

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Is there a shipping date yet?

XV2-23T0A00-US has a lower price than the XV2-2T. This would lead me to believe its a step down.

Great questions and comments on the 23T. We really designed the 23T to fit into the mid-market outdoor hotspot the Cambium e510 did very well in the last three years. The e510 surprised a lot of people with its great mix of cost/performance. The 23T is showing a similar higher performance-to-price ratio.

Always keep a close eye on the use case. Here’s a few items to note on the 2T0:

2T0 has a 2.5GbE uplink so it can deliver over 1Gbps of aggregate throughput
2T0 has a PoE-out port to pair it with a Subscriber Module or to power an Ethernet/IP/PoE device
2T0 supports 256 connected and 256 active clients
2T0 antenna has a low loss, high efficiency design that does give a few dB more rate-at-range than 23T

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sorry for my short-handed naming convention:

2T0 is my short-hand name for the XV2-2T0

The first three characters indicate the technology (X=enterprise, V=WIFI6) and number of radios (2=2)

23T is shipping now

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max EIRP for the XV2-2T0 will be a bit higher than the XV2-23T and the overall omnidirectional coverage will be a bit more consistent. Both are great values and both will perform well overall. The key difference is the PoE out capability and the 2.5GbE wired main port on the XV2-2T0 vs. XV2-23T.

@jim , Regarding the EIRP, the datasheet specifies EIRP in 5 GHz is the same, but 2.4 GHz is actually better on the 23T. I thought these specifications were averaged / representative of omni performance. I appreciate you pointing out that the 2T0 has more consistent coverage; that is a little hard to compare on the datasheet since the charts use different scales.



Thank you, Chris

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Hi Chris. The EIRP numbers we list are peak somewhere in the band and as you say the actual value at 2.4G we show 1dB higher on the XV2-23T vs. XV2-2T0. You are right there is not an easy way to “see” that the average omni-directional performance of the XV2-2T0 is more consistent than the XV2-23T but just based on the size and separation of the antenna elements on the XV2-2T0 you basically see this when we measure the 3D pattern vs. XV2-23T. Both are great AP’s and both have the right fit based on the application. I put a compare of the azimuth 5GHz average pattern 2D cut so you can see the antenna pattern in the horizontal plane for reference.

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