XV3-8 - can't select 160 MHz channel width

Hi Folks

As per title, am trying to change the channel b/w on Radio 2 from 80 to 160 MHz for some trials - but I’m getting error on sync/update that this is not supported.

Any ideas?


This is a known issue with any release above I submitted a request to the dev team to look into it about 2 weeks ago my self.

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Please let me know the image version details. We have added support 6.4-X release onwards.
Note: 160Mhz is only supported if XV3-8 is configured with DBS mode.


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I was previously on and just today upgraded to 6.5-r15.

Error message on channel width alteration push is:

Failed: radio_2_channel_width:160 MHz channel width is not supported on this radio

How do I make this change? I can’t see a DBS setting on the portal, but may be looking in the wrong place. Thanks

Hi Sean, the DBS mode referred to on the XV3-8 is when you configure Radio2 to be a single 8x8 radio. You can set this in cnMaestro using the AP group and select radio 2 to be a 8x8 radio and then Radio3 is NA.

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Thanks Gary. That’s very helpful.

One small problem is that I no longer have a drop-down setting for 5 GHz (8x8) - just wondering if something has become corrupted in the firmware load…or I’m missing something else obvious.

Region is UK if that has anything to do with it.

Radios 1 and 3 are disabled.

So I’ve deleted the AP and re-added it back on cnMaestro. Now set 5 GHz (8x8) from the AP Groups → Configuration → Radio menu, as below.

Still giving the same error that 160 MHz channel is not supported on Radio 2…feels like a bug to me now.

This looks like it is what it is…

Down grade your software to and your 160MHz will work

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I failed miserably there. After several attempts all I get is “The software image is not available to download!” when doing an Auto based software update - is not available from the drop-down in the manual SW update only available from Administration → Settings → Software Settings

So I’m on version and its just not having any of it…

Sorted it finally! Many thanks all

Is it working on the current software? or

Couldn’t get to load

160MHz is not supported in XV3-8.

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Well it is!

Just on particular versions of firmware. Your colleagues above would appear to disagree :+1::grinning:

This is my first experience of Cambium and to be fair it looks like a right royal mess of software development. I thought Ubiquiti were bad….