XV3-8 clients dropping and 2.4radio not working on one AP

Is anyone else having issues with wireless clients suffering from packet loss, disconnects, constant roaming from one AP to another and from one radio to another within the same AP?
I have a client that has 2 x XV3-8 AP’s and about two months ago the above starting happening and within the last few days the 2.4 radio on one of the AP’s has stopped working.
They’re both in the same AP group and broadcast the same SSID’s and one works and the other doesn’t. I can’t see anything in the config that would stop it.
The client has a lot of Teams video calls and they use a Mitel voice client and they keep getting disconnected regardless of which AP they’re on.
Ping responses to the gateway fluctuate from 5ms to 1800ms as well as some timeouts.
I have a support call open for both of these issues already but If anyone has any suggestions then that would be great.

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