XV3-8 -> Guest Access isolated from intern network?


i have XV3-8 configurated one VLAN:

  1. Employees WPA2 intern WLAN key
  2. Guest (open Network) Internal Access Point.

Is the Guest Network automaticly isolated from our business network? Its safe?

Thanks a lot!

If you are using same VLAN as AP management VLAN, Guest clients can still access your network.

Thank You.

Ok what i can i do to deactived the access to intern lan?
The guest should just be able to surf.

1.Add additional VLAN in AP Group.
2.Create DHCP configuration for this VLAN
3. Set in Geuest WiFi proper VLAN number

Configure device as follows:

Please let me know if you face any issues.

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Thanks a lot!

The Guest Access is open, thats correct?
The intern network with WPA2, right?


  • Guest Access should be configured to OPEN and VLAN should be the one configured on AP.

  • If you have queries, please send me tech-support to sta001@cambiumnetworks.com, so that I can edit configuration and share it to you as per your requirement.

Hallo again,

my questions:

i have one VLAN 1 and Pool1 for both WLAN’s. Thats right?

Screenshots for config:
http s://www.isarcolor.de/downloads/c3.jpg
http s://www.isarcolor.de/downloads/c4.jpg
http s://www.isarcolor.de/downloads/c5.jpg

my view from deny ip adresses is differnet from yours:
What happend?