Yet another beta release

Broke my testlab mesh, consisting of 1 PoP DN, 1 secondary DN, and two CN1000’s by upgrading to 1.0-beta6. Link to secondary DN never would come up/SFP ports did not function.
Figured it wouldn’t hurt to upgrade to 1.1-beta1 since it wasn’t working as advertised. This broke it even worse! Now the links come up, but the nodes don’t. I am not kidding, picture attached.
Seems like you added some complexity, but have not focused on functionality. At least it will only be 3 weeks until the next “beta” release :frowning: :poop:

@pboynton sorry to see you are still struggling with your setup.

The 1.1 beta is indeed a feature release, specifically there to let people take a look at the up and coming VLAN features before we release this, but this is not going to help your problem which I suspect is a configuration issue which we haven’t cleared up from your last update.

The support team is here to help, so please let us know when you would be available, I suspect it’s something we can clear up quickly and learn from this to make it easier for all in the future.

In fairness to Cambium, I felt I need to add an update to this post… I was contacted by Cambium shortly after I made the original post, and was almost immediately on a conference call/screen share with 3 sharp engineers to troubleshoot my issues. Customer support 10/10. They were able to get my mesh operational after shelling in and making some “deep” logic changes to the code. Unlike other 60GHz mmwave solutions, it seems that the cnWave radios are susceptible to rf interference, and be kept in mind if having issues in a test lab with multiple units in close proximity, especially in a mixed CN/DN environment.