Your longest Canopy shot to date...

So with all the new developments we’ve seen across the board, etc. (all except for V8! =P) what kind of range are you guys shooting now?

We just hit our first long shot today. Most of ours were under 10 miles previously. We’re using 900MHZ and our AP’s are up 175ft. this SM is up 100ft. in Central Florida…

Session Status REGISTERED
Registered AP 0a-00-3e-91-82-60
RSSI 1230 (-81 dBm)
Jitter 2
Air Delay 671 (approximately 18.68 miles (98637 feet))

Downlink RATE: 1735936 bps
Uplink RATE: 502016 bps
Downlink Efficiency: 100 Percent
Max Downlink Index: 100
Actual Downlink Index: 100
Expected Frag Count: 6781
Actual Frag Count: 6781
Uplink Efficiency: 100 Percent
Max Uplink Index: 100
Actual Uplink Index: 100
Expected Frag Count: 1961
Actual Frag Count: 1961

Most of you will shake at -81dBm but we’ve got a few people with -83/84 and they’re working with 100% uptime now for some reason - lol.

:smiley: Works till the noise floor comes up… Tell’em to down load fast

It won’t. It only gets better from that point on.

Ypu are a lucky guy with a very low 900MHz noise floor.

I wish ours were that good, but it’s not too bad.


What the guys are telling you is that for now it will work, but the 900MHz spectrum will be heavily used all over. I would assume that in less than 6 months you will have:

1) Higher noise floor
2) If using a Omni, then
You will loose long rage clients.

But if you are located in Boca of West palm beach, then the probabilities are much less that will happen. It’s a $$$,$$$,$$$ place.

My longest links using ISM bands are:
900 MHz = 52 Kilometer ( 14dbi SU and 11 dbi Base ) Canopy
2.4 GHz = 78 Kilometers (24dbi SU and 24 dbi Base ) Lucent
5.8 GHz = 98.7 Kilometer (34dbi SU and 29 dbi Base ) Proxim

All my antennas are Andrew, except the 14 dbi Cush Craft
All with in FCC limits.

As more services move from 2-way radio to cellular, and as paging systems are shut down the 900 noise floor will actually go down.

Once WiMax hits, I suspect that a large number of 900 radio system will be obsoleted.

Where is that 900mhz shot at? Pretty nice. We used a m2 17dBi yagi.

I understand that it will be heavily used. I also understand that if that doesn’t ruin us - WiMax will. So =)

We’re in Highlands County (Sebring to be exact). We’re going to be trying a few more areas with AP’s etc. because ours currently has a bit of interference with all the other radio equipment on our tower.

I would say that the 900 MHz will be the next 2.4 Ghz in spectrum usage.

My reason are:
1) Manufactures are selling more and more 900 MHz units. Canopy was among the first 900 MHz high bandwidth.
Now Ubiquity with high power mini-pci cards, AirSpan, with a 1 MHz bandwidth block super saturated almost no redundancy, Alvarion, etc

2) The real NLOS vs. the NOT so real WiMax NLOS, makes 900 MHz ideal to install in any environment.

3) The price rage of Thousand to Hundreds make it more accessible

4) The beepers are moving away from 930 MHz, making it more usable for other 902-928 users.

But then again, Richard could be right on this.
But then again, Their is a frustrated community/users in the 2.4GHz band.

About the 900 MHz Link
That link is from one Mountain 2,950 ft high to another 2,100’ under a 600’ valley. I’m assuming that link will stop working with in 6 months.

You are using 17 dbi antenna? That must be one long boom.

This is our longest 900 canopy link. It is working very well.

LUID: XXX : MAC: XXXXXX State: IN SESSION (Encrypt Active)
Site Name : XXXXXXXX
Software Version : CANOPY 7.3.6 Oct 24 2005 12:06:56
Software Boot Version : CANOPYBOOT 3.0
FPGA Version : 070605 (DES Sched) P9
Session Timeout: 0, AirDelay 913 (approximately 25.42 miles (134211 feet))
Session Count: 1, Reg Count 1, Re-Reg Count 0
RSSI (Avg/Last): 1537/1529 Jitter (Avg/Last): 2/3 Power Level (Avg/Last): -65/-66
DnRate(SM): 20000 DnLimit(SM): 500000 UpRate(SM): 20000 UpLimit(SM): 500000 (kbit)
LoUpCIR(SM): 0 LoDnCIR(SM): 0 (kbps)
Rate : VC 18 Rate 2X/2X

Wow, what antenna is that using? Excellent shot AND 2X!

Let me guess!

Radio = 28 dbm tx
Distance = 25.42 Miles = 40.1 Km

Antennas = 15dbi

Hehe, I guess noone can beat this:

RSSI 480 (-77 dBm)
Jitter 6
Air Delay 3041 (approximately 28.22 miles (149009 feet))

In this moment it’s raining so link test:
Stats for LUID: 6 Test Duration: 2 Pkt Length: 1522
Downlink RATE: 5806080 bps
Uplink RATE: 1001472 bps
Downlink Efficiency: 94 Percent
Max Downlink Index: 100
Actual Downlink Index: 94
Expected Frag Count: 22680
Actual Frag Count: 24014
Uplink Efficiency: 73 Percent
Max Uplink Index: 100
Actual Uplink Index: 73
Expected Frag Count: 3912
Actual Frag Count: 5313

Our second best:

RSSI 340 (-80 dBm)
Jitter 5
Air Delay 2582 (approximately 23.96 miles (126518 feet))

Stats for LUID: 4 Test Duration: 2 Pkt Length: 1522
Downlink RATE: 4343808 bps
Uplink RATE: 1265664 bps
Downlink Efficiency: 77 Percent
Max Downlink Index: 100
Actual Downlink Index: 77
Expected Frag Count: 16968
Actual Frag Count: 21985
Uplink Efficiency: 73 Percent
Max Uplink Index: 100
Actual Uplink Index: 73
Expected Frag Count: 4944
Actual Frag Count: 6712

5.4 Ghz


What are you using for the AP and SM antennas?

Standard Canopy equipment. Advantage 5.4 Ghz APs and standard Canadian made SMs with Canopy reflector dish on the SM side. Both sites are clear los. I made this link tests today, on rainy weather. On a clear day they are allmoast 100 on 1x mode.

Excellent. Very good dish peaking!!!

Our 900 link is on 13 dbi yagis and is rock solid. I’ll throw on a 120 degree sector on the AP end later. The 2.4 canopy link it replaced was the same distance, but 120 degree sector to 24 dbi grid.

This is what the above mentioned 2.4 link looked like before I unplugged it to go with the 900. It kept reregistering too much for my liking even locked at the 1x rate.

LUID: 018 : MAC: 0a-00-3e-20-de-1a State: IDLE
Session Timeout: 0, AirDelay 2738 (approximately 25.41 miles (134162 feet))
Session Count: 5, Reg Count 16, Re-Reg Count 12
RSSI (Avg/Last): 1401/1382 Jitter (Avg/Last): 7/8 Power Level (Avg/Last): -52/-52
DnRate(AP): 20000 DnLimit(AP): 500000 UpRate(AP): 20000 UpLimit(AP): 500000 (kbit)
LoUpCIR(D): 0 LoDnCIR(D): 0 (kbps)
Rate : VC 34 Rate 1X/1X


Ours is using a 900 integrated AP with a 17dBi yagi antenna.

How are you doing a shot that far with that high of RSSI with a lower gain antenna? What height are both your SM/AP at?

150 ft AP on THE hill in the area and 300ft up the tower on a lesser hill for the SM 25.5 miles away. Excellent LOS.


The calculations do not compute.
If not, then you have a bad instrument or radio.
Propagation laws are allways, allways correct.

Use a Field Strength Calculator to see what we are talking about.