Your Stories: 1) Scalability, 2) Durability, or 3) Reliability


Cambium Networks is seeking practical customer examples of where PMP, ePMP, PTP or cnPilot has demonstrated superior 1) Scalability, 2) Durability, or 3) Reliability over alternative solutions.  We do not need to know "who" the alternative solutions was, just what the lift or difference in expereince was.  

Can you share examples where you expereinced exceptional 1) Scalability, 2) Durability, or 3) Reliability attributed to Cambium Networks solutions?


how do we get the stories to you

Thank you for responding.

You can post them to the Community if you like, or email them to me at


To tell the truth, I've been spending the last two weeks pulling my hair out in frustration while trying to use cambium products, What I thought was going to be an upgrade turned out to be less reliable and gave less throughput to clients. Using epmp3000 backhauls, force 300's with the e700 access points. All of which should have high performance. Overall very dissatisfied. Also, I have spent countless hours on the phone with cambium engineers which has been another frustrating issue as all of them have heavy accents.  the only upside is that the products feel like they are built well. Just very poorly designed for installers. considering swapping it all out for Meraki products which I know to work. Heck, I've had a better experience with Ubiquiti.

Pleased to see that you are exercising the wireless fabric with the use of e700 for access and ePMP for transport; dissappointed that it is not going well.  I will contact you via email and work through your challenges to ensure your satisfaction.  Both platforms are industry leading from a performance and reliability standpoing, and should most certainly seamless in the flow of data and managmeent via cnMaestro.  We will get to the bottom of your challenges.  


Please post them in the Cambium forums or you can email Scott directly at

Scalability - experienced after high site role out changing to epmp 1000 and additional throughput required for cleints that was added. Also PTP F200- F300 installations experiencing the scalable difference 

Durability - experienced after huge weather caused damage on our high site and equipment but epmp and PTP handled well without issues compared to other 

Reliable- the drop in call outs (faults reported) can verify reliability easy. 

Also the feedback our tech team has regarding the epmp are great compared to other  

Thank you for shareing!  Curious, on the weather related challenges to your high site, was lightening and electrical surge the challenge that alternate solutions failed or water ingress? 


Hi Breuf,

This is great! Can you message me more details either here or at

I would love to get your story told through an official case study!