Zabbix templates for ePMP1000

Hi all,

Users Alexey_3  and Roman shared at Russian page ePMP templates for Zabbix. If you're interested, please find the attachment below.

Any modifications or improvments are very welcomed in this topic.



would you provide Zabbix templates for PMP 450i and PTP 820S?

Sincerely yours,


hello, i tried to import this template into zabbix 3.4 and got this error:  

  • Cannot read XML: (41) Specification mandate value for attribute data-pjax-transient [Line: 31 | Column: 40].

I can't access to the saaremaa webpage at gibhub so i can't copy the code directly from the page, and i can't extract de code from this XML.

Does anyone could export this template (saaremaa) and upload to the forum again?

I would aprecciate very much if someone could help me.

Thanks in advance, Victor. 

Did you ever find the templates for the PtP 820

Hello Victor,

I managed to exctract and fix the Template from saaremaa file.

If you need it I can send to you


Could you send me the file, or make it available here, in the thread?

Здравствуйте товарищи, если есть возможность поделитесь рабочим шаблоном ePMP 1000 для Zabbix.

Hi pastus. Can you share this corrected template?

Hi Pastus!
Can you share with me this template?