Zabbix templates for PMP 450i

Hello all,

would you guide us in obtaining Zabbix templates for the PMP 450i in order to ease monitoring?

Sincerely yours,


We provide a standard SNMP MIB as part of the software download package available from the Cambium web siteĀ here.

We haven't used Zabbix, so it would be interestingĀ if other customers of ours have already created these templates specific to Zabbix.

I know this is brining back a dead post, but is there by any chance someone out there that has a template for the 450i or any of the other products? We have some for each major system that we use with cambium and I would be willing to share it with someone if they want to compare notes on it.

No notes, but this is a project we will be starting soon.
How many virtual beers are required to grab a copy of your Zabbix setups :smiley:

what flavors would you like, I have 24 450 series ap, 450m, other 450, 450sm, 450i, cmm3, cmm4, epmp 2k,3k,ptp master and slave(they use different things), fsk ofdm, pps fsk, 820s, a rudementry cnwave 60, ptp 600. I will admit they are far from perfect but they meet most of our requirements. we have a lot of other vendors stuff too if you want to peak at any of those as well.