Zero-touch provisioning for PTP radios

Is my understanding correct that the SM/PTP 450b does not support zero-touch provisioning for PTP modes?
In reading the Configuration Guide for version 22.0, p.307 states

“In case of a brand new SM out of the box, the DHCP Discover packet is sent out if the SM connects to an AP using Installation Color Code (ICC), even though DHCP client is not enabled in factory default config.”

So is my understanding correct that using this device in BHM/BHS cannot be Zero-touch provisioned with a fully populated configuration file, since it doesn’t send out a DHCP Discover packet out of the box? Only SMs that connect to an ICC are configured to request a DHCP response, it seems.

This matches what I’ve observed on my test bench, that out-of-the-box radios don’t request DHCP addresses unless in special conditions such as connecting to the ICC.

Thank you.

Perhaps I have a different understanding of Zero-touch provisioning, but my end goal would be to buy a pair of PTP450 radios from my distributor, and have them shipped to a remote branch office for my company. Once there, I take note of the serial numbers and build a configuration for them, so the technician mounts the radios and powers them up and they join the network with a DHCP address.

Then once the radio has an address, it either reaches out to or dowloads its .cfg file from the HTTP server as indicated in DHCP options.

Does this sound like something that is achievable with an out-of-the box radio? Or will there be a certain level of remote guidance for the technician,- like a screen-sharing session for me to put a bootstrap configuration on the radio?

My goal would be to not have to get on a call with the technician, and be able to build the configuration asynchronously (zero-touch).