1.8km PtP link using V3000

Hi, i am looking to try a 60ghz ptp link using v3000 product. link analysis show is doable with a bit low availability which is not issue for my case. availability of 99.7% is shown through Link planner.

Any one can share any experience with long distance link using V3000 and any important tips.

thanks in advance.

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For your reference, I have experience of 2km hop with 40.5dBi Antenna in short term operation at Japan. Radio CH2 was impossible. However, CH4 was successful due to less O2 absorption. RSSI was -68dBm, Thru put was 600Mbps on TCP transmission.


Thankyou Teruo. This will definitely build my confidence. Can you share experience how difficult it was for allignment and special tips you build suring your experience or to be considered.

In Japan that’s really good, given the conductive power is limited to10 dBm the EIRP is 50 dBm. Elsewhere in the world you can use higher powers, FCC 60dBm with the 44.5dBi antenna or 55dBm in ETSI countries.

We have a 1.2km in the UK running at 5.2Gbps (testing CB2) but in CB1 we’ll get 1.8Gbps with it dipping to around 1G in really rains heavily.

What I would recommend for a long link like this, please get the Optical mount C000000L139, this can use most off the shelf scopes.

We also have an alignment GUI, once you have it optically aligned you can fine tune it with the precision mount.

Please take a look at the video: training and a few simple videos especially the alignment one.

Before going to outdoor field, I tried to form 20m distance link at my office.
There is peeping hole on the top of V3000.
Real target was situated at rather left side from the center of hole.
At the field, the trend was same.
Considering the tips, it took only five minutes to complete my alignment work at the field.
I didn’t use alignment tube and alignment tool on WEB GUI.
“Tilt bracket assembly; N000045L002A” was enough.
Precision bracket was not necessary for my work.
I recommend you form link at your office to understand the tips.
There is a possibility that the tips depend on individual equipment.
Wish your success.

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Thanks for your tips

Please take a look at those video’s, at 1.8km it’s a tough ask to install by eye and use the tilting bracket. Clearly Terou has eyes like a hawk and a steady spanner hand!

If you do use this indoors, you need to be careful of the power and GPS, as you can easily over power as you have 60dBm and the dishes give you so much rx gain. There is a low power mode and GPS disable mode, but you must reset these before going out in the field.

LINKPlanner is your friend here, the PTP installation report will give you targets you should expect, here’s an example:

Keep an eye on the power levels, if you’re 15-20dBs down the link could come up but could be a side lobe.

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Haha… hawk eye$%#@%. My case willbe installed by professional microwave installer hope they can. I have tested in lab, confugured setup and box back to site. My case antenna is 44.5dbiwith 60eirp so linkplanner result is 47±5dbm. I will use gui alignment tool to ensure its main lobe n not side lobe.

With 3dB difference, you are spot on, a side lobe would be 15-20dBs off.

update for mates. Finally we implemented 1.86km long link. Wasent hassel at all. With physical alignment using alignment tube team was able to get -47dBm. Took 30minutes each side to get the dots in center but no improvement in receive level. To add it was sprinkle rain during tunning and rain moderately after awhile for l oong time but link was all good. Now operating at -62dbm with EIRP 46dB. Now its on ping poll monitering in snmpc for monitor.
My experience says its not hard to link even long distance as far as u are with planned limit.


Hello @JYOTI_SHRESTHA thank you for sharing this update, the V3000 is unique for a high gain 60GHz radio as it does beamsteer, so as long as you are close to the centre it will select the best beam. Using the LINKPlanner installation report shows just how close you were.

Hi @JYOTI_SHRESTHA, and thanks for sharing. Just curious, what MCS and speeds are you getting at that distance?

Unfortunatelly our RFC tester didnt work at that time when we were on site, didnt sense loopback so couldnt get real MCS and throughput. Will share some thing after we get shorted our remote access through MPLs network but should not be anything big as its lastmile link with very few bandwidth requirement.

Its two Month and passed few rains, its stable enough and no single outage. since our throughput requirements are pretty low the MCS doesn’t goes higher. but let’s assume with minimum MCS we still will get 300mbps.

Currently EIRP is 40db and RSSI is 60dBm, link is exact 1.83km. this value is better than Design report value (7db better) from cambium link planner.

Planned report:

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Must be careful not to jinks it, however have you tried the new software on it 1.2.2, given you have over 20dBs of excess path loss you should be able to try Channel Bonding and I would expect 5.4Gbps on this link, shame you don’t need it :slight_smile: